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Motion 9 Fruit Juices with 7 vitamins (Amita) 1L - Parthenon Foods

Motion 9 Fruit Juices with 7 vitamins (Amita) 1L

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  • $ 3.99

Motion 9 Fruit Juices with 7 vitamins (Amita) 1L

Greece's sun-drenched soil produces a rich variety of mouthwatering fruits. Amita Motion 9 is a fruit juice that provides 9 fruits and 7 vitamins from these fruits in a single product! It provides the body with energy and a positive feeling. No preservatives. 

Ingredients: juices from concentrates (apple, peach, orange, grape, pineapple and grapefruit), purees (kiwi, passion fruit and mango), vitamins (C, B6, B7, E B3 and B9).

Product of Greece

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