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Apricot Juice (FREX), 1L - Parthenon Foods

Apricot Juice (FREX), 1L

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  • $ 2.99

Apricot Juice (FREX) - 1L

With apricots hailing from the mineral-rich, sun-drenched Balkan Peninsula, Fresh Premium Apricot Nectar is a richly luxurious, thirst-quenching drink that is sure to refresh your palate. Apricots are not only full of vitamin C, iron, copper, antioxidants and carotenoids, they are also fiber-rich, making them healthy part of any diet. Fresh Premium Apricot Nectar is delicious served cold and even better on ice. It will also add a tangy sweetness to pork or beef marinades and summer cocktails. Made with 40% apricot purée.

Ingredients: water, apricot puree 40%, added sugar (and/or fructose-glucose syrup), acidity regulator: lemon juice. Pasteurized.

Product of Bulgaria

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