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Tzaziki Sauce Spice, 2.5 oz (73.9g) can - Parthenon Foods

Tzaziki Sauce Spice, 2.5 oz (73.9g) can

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Tzaziki (tzatziki) (tsaziki) is a traditional Greek yogurt recipe loved by millions! With this seasoning, one can easily prepare it at home.  Simply Greek’s Tzaziki is a great sauce for dipping bread or vegetables. It is also delicious when used as a sauce for chicken, pork or lamb. Makes a great topping for hamburgers, too! To make the tzaziki Greek yogurt recipe, mix one tablespoon of spice with a 6-oz. cup of Greek yogurt, and ½ finely-chopped cucumber. Not only does tzaziki taste delicious, but you reap the health benefits of the yogurt as well!
Ingredients: garlic, sea salt, pepper, spices
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