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Sauerkraut - Cabbage in White Wine (Vecses) 810g - Parthenon Foods

Sauerkraut - Cabbage in White Wine (Vecses) 810g

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Sauerkraut - Cabbage in White Wine (Vecses) - 810 g

Hungarians love their sauerkraut, and Vecses, a small town near Budapest, is known to make the best. Production methods remain the same today as they have been for generations. Chopped cabbage is layered in wooden barrels, then salted and seasoned. The cabbage is packed down so well it gives off as much juice as possible. The barrels are closed with a lid and are stored at room temperature until fermentation occurs. Prepare a truly delicious goulash recipe with this ingredient which is sure to please!

Ingredients: cabbage, salt, white wine.  

Product of Hungary

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