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Russian Royal Tea Delux - Loose, 250g - Parthenon Foods

Russian Royal Tea Delux - Loose, 250g

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Russian Royal Tea Deluxe - Loose 

In Russia, tea is the favorite drink. Traditionally, it is an after-meal drink which is prepared in teapots or samovars, a Russian teakettle. Russian Royal Tea is a Ceylon-based tea with an aroma reminiscent of Oil of Bergamot, amazingly delicious, very aromatic and pleasant! To complete this Russian tradition, try a cup of tea with baked goodies, honey or homemade jam.

Product of Sri Lanka


1. The water used in making tea should be clear and brought to a boil. 

2. Warm the tea pot by rinsing it with hot water. 

3. Add one teaspoonful of tea per person.

4. Pout hot water into the tea pot and allow it to brew 4 - 5 minutes over Samovar under the cozy.

5. Do not add water to partly-brewed tea, but make a fresh brew.

6. If all the tea is not to be served immediately after brewing, pout off the tea for subsequent use and keep in a separate pot. 


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