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Nescafe Instant Coffee  200g - Parthenon Foods

Nescafe Instant Coffee 200g

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Nescafe can be served either hot or cold. Thirst-quenching and refreshing during the hot summer months, this frappe drink is made by mixing it in a shaker with ice cubes, sugar, and milk to taste. A little water is blended to form a foam, which is poured into a tall glass. To this is added cold water and ice cubes, and, optionally, milk - typically evaporated milk. The glass is served with a drinking straw.

Makes approximately 25 servings of frappe when using 2 teaspoons per serving

Ingredients: freeze-dried coffee.

Product of Greece

Recipe for Greek Frappe:

Ingredients: 2 t. Nescafe Instant Coffee, 2 t. sugar, ice cubes

Directions: Pour 5 t. of water into a shaker, then add coffee and sugar (more, if desired). Shake vigorously until liquid becomes foamy. Using a hand mixer instead of a shaker will produce a shiny and more creamy foam. Pour into a glass; add 3 - 4 ice cubes. Serve black or with chilled milk.


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