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Kadaif (Saraj) 500g - Parthenon Foods

Kadaif (Saraj) 500g

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Kadaif (Saraj) - 500g

Kadaif (kadayif) is finely shredded filo (phyllo) dough which is used in various Middle Eastern desserts. One can make lots of things with kadaif, as it isn’t just for pastry! Wrap it around shrimp and give them a little pastry crust. Use it to make little appetizer pastry cups. However, the most popular method is to make the quick dessert that bears the same name as the dough which are amazing and  simple to make.

Ingredients: wheat, flour, oil, eggs.

Product of Bosnia and Herzegovina

kataif, kadayif, kadaif, kanafe, kanofa, kanafeh

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