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Handmade Vanilla Halva, 11 lb (5 kg) - Parthenon Foods

Handmade Vanilla Halva, 11 lb (5 kg)

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Handmade VANILLA Halva - 11 lbs. (5 kg)

Halva is any of various dense, sweet confections served throughout the Middle East, Europe and Asia. In popular usage it means "desserts" or "sweet". It is made with tahini (sesame paste), sugar, nuts and spices. Halva's sweet, crumbly and fluffy texture are what make it a uniquely delicious treat. In addition to serving it with coffee or eating it plain, halva can be mixed with sweet foods such as fruit, ice cream or baked goods, If you are feeling adventurous, experiment with the new trend of baking with halva.

Each piece is approximately 13" in diameter.

Ingredients: tahini (crushed hulled sesame seeds), glucose syrup 42%, sugar 5.1%, emulsifier: soya lecithin, flavoring. 

May contain traces of nuts. 

Product of Greece

Halvah, halawa, alva, haleweh, halava, helava, helva, halwa, halua, halwa, haluva, chalva.

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