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Greek Olives Stuffed with Almond (Tassos) 12.91 oz - Parthenon Foods

Greek Olives Stuffed with Almond (Tassos) 12.91 oz

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Greek Olives Stuffed with Almond (Tassos) 12.91 oz

They are inspected twice to ensure quality and size, and are fermented the old-fashioned way. All natural, without any chemicals or artificial coloring, the olives are pasteurized and certified pesticide-free.  

These Almond Stuffed Olives are preserved in natural, low salt brine so you can actually taste the fruit without getting a mouth full of salt. This olive eats more like a meal and makes a good snack. Perfect for your drink and fun to eat.

All-natural, gluten-free.

Ingredients: fermented and pasteurized green pitted olives, almonds, water, sea salt 5%, citric acid.

Product of Greece.

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