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Donat Mg Mineral Water, CASE, 6x1L - Parthenon Foods

Donat Mg Mineral Water, CASE, 6x1L

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Donat Mg Mineral Water, CASE, 6 x 1 L

Feel relaxed, soothed, and healthy with this water! Donat Mineral Water is a natural mineral water fortified with gas from the spring and is an abundant natural source of magnesium and other elements important for good health. This water is rich in mineral salts and has many therapeutic benefits: It helps with stomach and bile problems and has an excellent purgative effect. This water reduces the possibility of the formation of kidney stones and aids in the prevention of osteoporosis. It works against muscle cramps. It does not raise blood pressure, likewise if larger quantities are drunk. It prevents disturbance of the heart rhythm and improves the body's metabolism. Mineral water compensates for a lack of magnesium, which can occur due to an incorrect diet, smoking, stress or sport. 

    CASE: (6) 1-liter bottles

    Product of Slovenia

    NOTE: White deposits of calcium carbonate precipitate may appear and are a natural occurrence.

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