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Crescenza Stracchino Cheese (BelGioioso) approx. 3.6 lbs - Parthenon Foods

Crescenza Stracchino Cheese (BelGioioso) approx. 3.6 lbs

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All natural cheese. Crafted in Denmark, WI.

Fresh, spreadable cheese with a tangy note.  Milky and Creamy.

La Bottega di BelGioioso Crescenza-Stracchino™ is made by hand in very small batches. Master Cheesemakers start with extra rich, fresh morning milk from local Wisconsin farmers and make the cheese within a few hours of milking. The delicate curd is ladled into traditional square hoops to form the petite 3.5 lb. wheels. This fresh rindless cheese offers a milky flavor and tender, soft spreadable texture. When allowed to age, Crescenza-Stracchino™ develops an addictive pleasant tanginess and creamy softness.

Chefs are recognizing the versatility of Crescenza-Stracchino and trending on pizza menus is the Piadina. This traditional Italian flatbread is easily warmed and filled with melting Crescenza-Stracchino cheese, slices of prosciutto and fresh arugula leaves.  Chefs are also serving Crescenza-Stracchino as an appetizer with warm, crusty bread, melting it into pastas and creating signature Neapolitan pizzas with Crescenza as the main ingredient and then topping with thin sliced prosciutto and fresh arugula leaves once the pizza has been baked.

La Bottega di BelGioioso Crescenza-Stracchino™ cheese is rBST-free, gluten free and vegetarian.

Ingredients: cultured pasteurized milk, salt, enzymes.

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