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Camomile Tea (Malwa) 20 tea bags - Parthenon Foods

Camomile Tea (Malwa) 20 tea bags

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Camomile Tea (Malwa) - 20 tea bags

The abundance of natural components contained in the sunny heads of camomile provides a unique source of pleasure and delightful taste experience. Camomile belongs to the oldest medicinal herbs with a wide spectrum of use. It has valuable health-promoting properties and positively influences the body as it aids the digestion process, aids the proper functioning of the digestive system, soothes senses, calms the mind, alleviates anxiety and restores the body balance, cleanses and revitalizes the skin, and has unique soothing and relaxing properties. Camomile tea is rich in sensual warmth and secret mildness, and it delights with its subtle aroma and unique taste.

100% natural. No caffeine.

Contents: 20 tea bags, each 1.5g, net weight: 1.32 oz. (37.5g)

Ingredients: camomile flowers 

Product of Poland

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