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Bulgarian Yogurt, Whole Milk (White Mountain) 32 oz - Parthenon Foods

Bulgarian Yogurt, Whole Milk (White Mountain) 32 oz

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Two Simple, All-Natural Ingredients:
For over 30 years White Mountain Foods has been making Bulgarian yogurt the traditional way with absolutely no extra ingredients or artificial additives. It has always been all-natural and comprised of two simple ingredients: milk and culture. This simple process gives our Bulgarian yogurt its unique flavor, naturally creamy texture, and provides you with the proven health benefits of a probiotic superfood (foods whose nutrients are made more available to the body through fermentation).  With up to 90 billion CFU per serving.

Ingredients: grade A pasteurized whole milk an dlive cultures (L.Acidophilus, L.Bulgaricus, S.Thermophilus, B.Bifidum.

Made in Austin, Texas USA.
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