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Balsamic Vinegar Barrel Aged (Tassos) 500 ml - Parthenon Foods

Balsamic Vinegar Barrel Aged (Tassos) 500 ml

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Balsamic Vinegar Barrel Aged (Tassos) - 500ml

This is not your typical grocery store vinegar that is often no more than inexpensive wine vinegar with flavoring, coloring and thickeners. This flavored vinegar will make such a delightful difference in food taste that you will want to carry it around with you to enhance the flavor of a drive-thru burger or a fine-dining meal! The word "balsamic" derives from the Greek word meaning restorative or curative, which is exactly what this vinegar is. Ideal for preparing sauces, marinades and salad dressings, grilled meats, drizzled over fresh fruits, ice cream, custard desserts and roasted vegetables. 

Ingredients: balsamic vinegar, grape must. 

Product of Greece

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