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Souroti Sparkling Natural Mineral Water, 250ml - Parthenon Foods

Souroti Sparkling Natural Mineral Water, 250ml

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Souroti Sparkling Natural Mineral Water - 250 ml GLASS Bottle

Souroti natural mineral water bubbles up from the historical spring, which according to scientists is estimated to have a depth of approximately 150m, which is considered to be ideal for ‘mineral’ springs. With 1.350 mg of dissolved mineral solids per liter it is classified as one of the most enriched “mineral” waters in the world. One liter of Souroti provides around 1/5 of an adult’s daily needs in calcium and approximately 1/6 of one's magnesium needs. It has beneficial properties on the nervous system, muscles and metabolism. It is ideal for digestion, refreshing and also regularizes the function of the digestive and urinary systems. The water is rich in carbonates, beneficial minerals and trace elements (such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, iron, manganese, chlorine, fluorine, copper, chromium, zinc, etc.), which are just as vital as vitamins for a healthy and fit body. Souroti’s mineral density is highly beneficial, which makes this product one of the richest mineral waters worldwide.

Product of Greece

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