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Perla Harghitei-Allegria Socata (Elderberry & Lemon) Carbonated Soft Drink 2L - Parthenon Foods

Perla Harghitei-Allegria Socata (Elderberry & Lemon) Carbonated Soft Drink 2L

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Perla Harghitei-Allegria Socata (Elderberry & Lemon) Carbonated Soft Drink 2L

This soft drink is made with  dry elderberry and lemon infused with natural Romanian, mineral-rich water. Known for their healing properties, elderberries boost the immune system, prevent diabetes, slow down the spread of cancer, protect against bacteria and infection, moderate the digestive process, lower blood pressure, help with weight loss, and relieve allergies. Enjoy this refreshing soft drink along with the health benefits this beverage has to offer. No artificial colors.

Ingredients: natural mineral water, spring F1 Sancraieni - RO, sugar, carbon dioxide, acidifier: citric acid, stabilizers: arabic gum and glycerol esters of wood resins; sweeteners: acesulphame potassium and aspartame phenylketonurics; contains phenylalanine; preservatives: sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate; lemon juice; antioxidant: ascorbic acid; flavor and color (beta carotene, elder flower extract).

Product of Romania

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