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Cockta Soft Drink-Glass Bottle, 0.275 L (9.29 fl.oz.) - Parthenon Foods

Cockta Soft Drink-Glass Bottle, 0.275 L (9.29 fl.oz.)

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Cockta Soft Drink-Glass Bottle - 0.275L (9.29 fl.oz.)

Enjoy a beverage in a bottle with a truly refreshing and unique taste! Cockta’s name comes from “cocktail”, referring to the mix of herbs that make up its signature flavor. Containing no caffeine or orthophosphoric acid, Cockta is a unique soft drink made with eleven herbs, rose hip and pomegranate, which gives it a special aroma. Its overwhelming freshness comes from lemon and orange flavors. 

Ingredients: carbonated water, sugar, a mixture of plant extracts, acid (citric acid), color (caramel), flavoring, preservative (sodium benzoate), natural flavors.

Product of Croatia

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