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Talagani Grill Cheese (EPIROS) 220g - Parthenon Foods

Talagani Grill Cheese (EPIROS) 220g

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Talagani Grill Cheese (EPIROS) 220g.

Talagani is a traditional 100% Greek cheese, handmade from sheep's and goat's milk.

It is usually enjoyed grilled but can also be used as an ingredient in a variety of creative recipes.

Thanks to its composition, when grilled it retains its strong, full flavor, rich aromas and the hint of mint that give it its distinct character. The most impressive thing about Talagani is that it cooks without melting, retaining its shape while its texture becomes chewy.

It is easy and quick to cook on a grill or in a non-stick pan and can be enjoyed on its own – as an excellent accompaniment to wine, ouzo or raki – or in salads, snacks and any other recipe you may imagine!

    Product of Greece

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