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Sunflower Seed Halva, Vanilla (Zolotoi Vek) 550g - Parthenon Foods

Sunflower Seed Halva, Vanilla (Zolotoi Vek) 550g

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Sunflower Seed Halva, Vanilla (Zolotoi Vek) 550g

Made from ground baked sunflower seeds, halva is any of various dense, sweet confections served throughout the Middle East, Europe and Asia. In popular usage it means "desserts" or "sweet". 

Ingredients: ground bakes sunflower seeds, sugar, water, citric acid (E330), chenopodium bonus - henricus L, vanilla. 

Product of Ukraine

Halva, halvah, halawa, alva, haleweh, halava, helava, helva, halwa, halua, aluva, chalva

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