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Storck Knoppers, 6x25g - 6 PACK, 5.3 oz - Parthenon Foods

Storck Knoppers, 6x25g - 6 PACK, 5.3 oz

Product SKU#: 104385
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Storck Knoppers, 6x25g - 6 PACK, 5.3 oz

Crispy baked wafers, delicious milk, and tasty nougat cream fillings are perfected by crunchy pieces of roasted hazelnuts. Whether at work, at school or on the road, take a relaxing break with a crispy, tasty Knoppers. It peps you up and makes you feel light-hearted.

(6) 25-gram wafers

Ingredients: sugar vegetable oils (from palm and shea), nonfat dry milk, wheat flour, hazelnuts, whole wheat flour, cocoa processed with alkali, butterfat. Contains less than 2% of cocoa, wheat starch, soy lecithin emulsifier, whey, dry cream, salt, natural flavors, sodium bicarbonate. Contains wheat, milk, soybean, hazelnuts, shea nut. Processed in a facility where parts of almond, peanut, other tree nuts and egg may be present. 

Product of Germany

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