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Sour Cherry Preserve (Vourderis) 453g - Parthenon Foods

Sour Cherry Preserve (Vourderis) 453g

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Sour Cherry Preserve (Vourderis) 453g

Vourderis Sour Cherry Preserves are made of high-quality, whole and large pieces of fruit that provide a wonderful taste, texture, and appearance. The tart cherries in this preserve are a great source of antioxidants that are fast emerging as a super fruit. Evidence has linked the tart cherry to substantial cardiac and anti-inflammatory benefits, including reduced arthritic and gout pain. It has also been known to ease post-workout soreness. Spread this sweet-sour taste on a piece of toast and reap the health benefits it has to offer with every bite.

Ingredients: fruit, sugar, glucose, preservatives: citric acid E330, potassium sorbate E202 1%.

Product of Greece

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