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Mahlab (Mahlep) Whole Seeds (Baraka) 4.94 oz (140g) - Parthenon Foods

Mahlab (Mahlep) Whole Seeds (Baraka) 4.94 oz (140g)

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Mahlab (Mahlep) Whole Seeds (Baraka) 4.94 oz (140g)

Mahlep (mahlepi, mahlab) is the product of black cherry kernels or pits. In ground form, it is traditionally added to breads, cakes, Greek butter cookies (koulourakia) and Greek Easter bread (tsoureki), giving these baked delectables a truly unique and delicious flavor. Using a pestle & mortar to grind the pits, or a coffee grinder, is ideal. One or two spoonfuls added to a rich pastry for fresh fruit flans gives it a subtle note. In addition, simple milk puddings can be transformed with a few pinches of mahlep. Turkish rice is given its floral fragrance and interesting taste from the spice.

Ingredients: cherry pits/seeds

Product of Turkey.

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