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Kaseri Cheese (Matis) approx. 6.5 lb Square - Parthenon Foods

Kaseri Cheese (Matis) approx. 6.5 lb Square

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Kasseri has a mild salty taste. It is used as table cheese, in cheese-pastries, sandwiches and as saganaki.

Moisture: max 43%, Fat D.M.:min 40%

Ingredients: pasteurized milk, salt, rennet.

Product of Greece.

------Recipe for Saganaki.(Fried Kasseri cheese)------

Servings: 4.
1 Whole Egg .
1/4 Cup Flour .
1/2 lb Kefalotiri .
1 Whole Lemons Squeezed .

Beat the egg in a bowl and put the flour on a plate.
Dip the piece of cheese in the egg, then roll in the flour.
Heat butter in a frying pan and fry the cheese until the flour coating is golden.
Squeeze a lemon on the cheese before removing from the pan and serve immediately (excellent hot).

Please note that if you are purchasing multiple quantities of the same deli fresh item, one piece of that item equaling the weight ordered may be packaged. You may tell us to not do that in the order comments.

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