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Himalayan Pink Salt, Fine (Alessi) 24 oz - Parthenon Foods

Himalayan Pink Salt, Fine (Alessi) 24 oz

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Himalayan Pink Salt, Fine (Alessi) 24 oz.

 Alessi Himalayan Pink Salt is mined from the basin of the Himalayas, the world's highest mountain range. Lava-covered salt beds dating back millions of years have been rediscovered here, making them among the purest on earth. Himalayan Pink Salt derives its color from mineral-packed crystals. It is known to have over 80 minerals and trace elements, and many believe it to have curative and medicinal properties, in addition to providing culinary delight. Crunchy Alessi Himalayan Pink Salt will add a new dimension to your cooking, enhancing taste, texture and color.


Product of Pakistan

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