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Grape Syrup Molasses- (Petimezi) Pekmezi (Terzis) 560g - Parthenon Foods

Grape Syrup Molasses- (Petimezi) Pekmezi (Terzis) 560g

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Grape Syrup Molasses- (Petimezi) Pekmezi (Terzis) 560g

Grape Molasses, derived only from the concentrated juice of grapes, is rich in flavor and an excellent source of calcium, iron, potassium and magnesium. To enjoy a healthier version of peanut butter and jelly, add a generous swirl of into a bowl of creamy tahini (sesame seed paste) and dip pieces of crusty bread into the mixture.

Grape Molasses is also delicious with yogurt and pancakes or waffles with fruit. Once you start experimenting with this luxuriously rich syrup, you might want to use it in salad dressings, meat and poultry marinades, and your favorite baked recipes.

It is also used in making the Greek Moustokouloura cookies.

Ingredient: 100% natural grape molasses 

Product of Greece.

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