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Chicken Pate (Argeta) CASE (48 x 95g) - Parthenon Foods

Chicken Pate (Argeta) CASE (48 x 95g)

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  • $ 98.00

Perfect on crackers or bread as an appetizer, Argeta chicken pate is made from chicken meat enriched with milk and soy proteins, and seasoned with selected natural spices. Winner of the Superior Taste Award 2013.

Gluten-free. Without preservatives.
Soy, milk. May contain egg.

Ingredients: water, cooked mechanically seperated chicken, canola oil, milk proteins (sodium casienate (a milk derivative), whey (from milk)), potato starch, salt, defatted soy flour, spices, autolyzed yeast extract, oleoresin paprika (color).

Product of USA.

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