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Bastirma-Cured dried beef SLICED Strips, approx. 0.5lb - Parthenon Foods

Bastirma-Cured dried beef SLICED Strips, approx. 0.5lb

Product SKU#: 17005
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  • $ 18.99

Ingredients : Beef, salt, water, spices, garlic, paprika, sodium nitrate.

Bastirma-Cured dried beef SLICED Strips are made using ohanyan bastirm and are 0.5lb in size. This traditional method of curing brings out the flavor of the beef while preserving its tenderness and ensuring a long shelf life. Enjoy the bold taste of beef without the fuss of traditional curing.

Serving Suggestions:

-Perfect for sandwiches
-Delicious fried with eggs
-Excellent as Hors D'oeuvres

Product of USA.

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