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Grape Leaves from Bulgaria (VG) 25 oz (720g) - Parthenon Foods

Grape Leaves from Bulgaria (VG) 25 oz (720g)

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Grape Leaves from Bulgaria (VG) - 25 oz. (720 g)

Use your culinary imagination when adding grape leaves to your menu! Complimentary uses for grape leaves can be seasonal and regional. They can be stuffed with ground meats, rices, bulgars, minced vegetables, cheeses, nuts, dried fruits and spices. They can also be adorned with traditional sauces and those that reflect a personal infusion. Sauces made from cheeses, citrus, cream, olive oil, vinegars would also provide a complimentary accompaniment to stuffed grape leaves. One of the most historical and traditional culinary uses of the grape leaf is within the Greek mezes (appetizer) called dolmathes (dolmades). With this variation, grape leaves are stuffed with lamb or ground beef and rice, mint, fennel, parsley, dill garlic and served hot or cold with the egg-lemon-base sauce, avgolemono. In addition to wrapping foods such as rice, meat, and vegetables, grape leaves can be used in salads or as a garnish for appetizer plates. All natural; no colors or preservatives added.

Ingredients: grape leaves, citric acid, salt. 

Product of Bulgaria

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