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Coconut Flour, Kokosovo Brasno (Podravka) 100g - Parthenon Foods

Coconut Flour, Kokosovo Brasno (Podravka) 100g

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Fine ground dry coconut.

These delicate white flakes change a dessert from something ordinary into something great! The secret lies in the quality of the coconuts and careful packaging which keeps the intensity of flavor and its distinctive odor. 

Cook, bake, stack, explore!  Cook and bake healthier with coconut flour. It is important to one's health because it does not contain gluten, which is normally found in grains. Gluten is a potent allergen and can be lethal for people with celiac disease. Adding coconut flour to one's diet can significantly reduce the risk of heart disease and may prevent cancer and diabetes. This is derived from the fact that coconut flour contains unusually high levels of dietary fiber, nearly twice that of wheat bran. A little coconut flour goes a long way; for every cup of all-purpose (grain) flour, use only 1/4-1/3 cup of coconut flour.

Product of Indonesia

Packaged in Croatia

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