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Deli Fresh French Feta, approx. 4 lbs - Parthenon Foods

Deli Fresh French Feta, approx. 4 lbs

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  • $ 29.99

Deli Fresh French Feta - approximate weight: 4 lbs.

This feta is made from 100% Sheep's milk. This feta is creamy and less salty than other feta.

Valbreso Feta is a Gourmet French Feta known for its extremely creamy texture. Valbreso Feta is artfully crafted in the rugged plateaus surrounding the Mediterranean Sea in southern France.
A remarkably versatile fresh Feta cheese matured in brine, Valbreso Feta achieves its unique taste and superior richness by using 100% pure Sheep’s Milk coming from a very unique breed of sheep, the Lacaune sheep, renowned for its rich and creamy milk.

NOTE: If you are purchasing multiple quantities of the same deli-fresh item, one piece of that item equaling the total weight ordered may be packaged. If you do not want it all packaged together, please indicate this in the order comments section.

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