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Wüthrich European Style 83 % Unsalted Butter (6 x 16 oz) 6 PACK - Parthenon Foods

Wüthrich European Style 83 % Unsalted Butter (6 x 16 oz) 6 PACK

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Wüthrich European Style 83 % UNSALTED Butter (6 x 16 oz.) 6-PACK

This award-winning butter used by renowned chefs contains 83% butterfat and is Grade AA. Made in Wisconsin, Wüthrich is particularly suited for use in pastry shops and fine dining due to the high fat content. There is less water therefore less splattering and less waste.

European-style butter can be used directly out of the cooler. It is ideal for sheeting over dough. It is flexible and bendable — a pastry chef's dream! Wüthrich European Style Butter has 83% butter fat vs. domestic butter at 80%; therefore, less product can be supplemented for the higher fat. Its high plasticity makes it perfect for lamination and puff in pastry products. Higher butter fat also means the product can be used at higher temperatures. Creamy, rich, full–flavored butter. Clean aftertaste. European butter has a bold aroma of freshly churned butter. Wüthrich 83% European Style Butter starts with cream, fresh from the farm. The butter is made using a century-old family recipe, enhanced with natural flavorings and a culture.

Uses: pastries: croissants, brioches, Danishes, tarts, pie crusts, cupcakes and breads. Creamy mashed potatoes. Topping of steak, chicken, or fish. Sautéing vegetables. Sauces. Specialty house butter blends. Award-winning butter used by renowned chefs.

No trans fat

Gluten free


CASE: (6) 16-ounce pieces

Ingredients: pasteurized cream, natural flavorings. Contains milk.

Made in USA
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