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President Imported Unsalted Butter,7oz (199g) - Parthenon Foods

President Imported Unsalted Butter,7oz (199g)

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President Imported UNSALTED Butter -7 oz. (199 g)

From the heart of Normandy comes this rich, creamy European-style butter. This region is considered as the "Grand Cru" among French and other European dairy regions, thanks to its oceanic climate and rich grass. Natural lactic ferments are added to the cream after churning, which enhance the natural full flavor of butter, and lend to its creamy texture and golden yellow color. Simply enjoy this butter on breads, bagels, or muffins. Also ideal for cooking and baking, bringing gourmet quality to all recipes. 

Ingredients: pasteurized cream, cultures. Contains milk. 

Product of France

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