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Kaymak Spread  (Kajmak, whipped cream) (Ethnic Bakery) 408g - Parthenon Foods

Kaymak Spread (Kajmak, whipped cream) (Ethnic Bakery) 408g

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Kaymak Spread  (Kajmak, whipped cream) (Ethnic Bakery) 408g

Kajmak is a creamy dairy product similar to clotted cream, made from cow's milk. Old Town Serbian Restaurant hand-crafts this product in Wisconsin, a state known for its excellent dairy products. Kajmak is enjoyed both as an appetizer and a condiment. Considered a national meal in the Balkans, it is enjoyed with a bun as breakfast or fast food. In the Balkans, it compliments a hamburger patty topped with melted kajmak, as well as with beef shank simmered with kajmak. Great for bread and crackers, toast, burgers, sandwiches and vegetables! Keep refrigerated. (kaymak) 

Made in the USA

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