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Orange Blossom Water (Baraka) 9.1 fl oz (270 ml) - Parthenon Foods

Orange Blossom Water (Baraka) 9.1 fl oz (270 ml)

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Orange Blossom Water (Baraka) - 9.1 fl oz. (270ml)

Orange blossom water is the distilled blossom of sour oranges. It is used in a myriad of Middle Eastern confections. However, there are many other uses of orange blossom water: 

  • Put a few drops in an iron and you’ll come out smelling of blossom.
  • Use it as a facial toner. It is mildly astringent and perfect for sensitive skin.
  • Add a splash to your cocktails. It works really well with gin.
  • Add a dash to smoothies. Great with any fruit/yogurt combo!
  • Place a few drops in a bowl of water and leave it near a radiator to scent the air.
  • Mix it with brown sauce, balsamic vinegar, onion, ginger and sesame oil for a marinade for practically anything.

Ingredients: orange blossom extract, water, orange blossom oil

Product of Lebanon

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