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Branza De Burduf Romanian GOAT Cheese, approx. 1lb - Parthenon Foods

Branza De Burduf Romanian GOAT Cheese, approx. 1lb

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Branza De Burduf Romanian GOAT Cheese, approx. 1lb

Brânza de burduf is a soft goat's milk cheese produced in Transylvania, on the slopes of the high Bucegi Mountains in the Carpathians, Romania. The cheese cas is cut into small pieces, salted and then hand-mixed in a large wooden bowl. It is then left to age inside fir tree bark to obtain Brânzá de Burduf. This bark is rich in aromatic resin which is processed and sewn together to produce cylindrical containers that are sealed with bark discs at the edges. The cheese is then aged in these containers from 20 days to 2-3 months, and as it ripens, its flavor becomes increasingly spicy and salty. Brânza de burduf has a strong taste and semi-soft texture. 

Ingredients: pasteurized sheep & cow's milk, salt, calcium lactate, bacterial cultures, rennet. 

Product of Romania

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