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Turkish Delight with Rose Aroma, Rahat Lokum (Dobrova) 16 oz

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Turkish Delight with Rose Aroma, Rahat Lokum (Dobrova) 16 oz

Turkish Delight is a gelatinous sweet confection traditionally made of syrup and cornflour, dusted with icing sugar. The sweets are made by boiling sugar syrup and cornflour together slowly for several hours over a low heat; the result is a dense, sticky jelly. They are traditionally served with Middle-Eastern-type coffee. The Turkish name "loukoum" comes from the Arabic rahat-ul hulkum, which means "soothe or heal the throat". This was abbreviated to rahat lokum and then lokum. The name "Turkish delight" evolved in the 18th century when an English traveler took home some of the Bekir's produce to his relatives.

Ingredients: sugar, corn starch, citric acid (E-330), natural rose flavor, black carrot.

Product of Turkey

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