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Jallab Syrup (Ziyad) 27oz (770g) - Parthenon Foods

Jallab Syrup (Ziyad) 27oz (770g)

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Jallab Syrup (Ziyad) 27oz. (770g)

Jallab is a very popular drink in the Middle East. It is made by diluting the syrup made of dates with rose water and serving it in a tall glass with crushed ice. This drink is definitely one of those tastes one associates with the hot, lazy days of summer. To make jallab tea, the jallab syrup is diluted with ice and water, and then flavored with almonds, pine nuts, and raisins which soften as they soak up the jallab tea. Jallab syrup is also delicious when poured over ice cream, and it can even be used to introduce exotic Middle Eastern flavors to a carrot cake. 

Ingredients: Sugar, dates, rose water, caramel, citric acid, FDC Red40, sodium benzoate.

Product of Lebanon

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