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Hungarian Brand Salami (Daniele) approx. 0.7lb - Parthenon Foods

Hungarian Brand Salami (Daniele) approx. 0.7lb

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Hungarian Brand Salami (Daniele) Approximate weight:  0.7 lb.

Daniele Hungarian Salami is a very-finely-ground dry sausage with a light hickory-smoke aroma and flavor. This recipe, which originates in  Hungary, via Austria, to Italy, represents a true celebration of Middle European traditions. Enjoy it sliced with a glass of wine. Gluten free, no MSG added. Keep refrigerated.

Ingredients: pork, sea salt, less than 2% of dextrose, spices, wine, paprika, lactic acid starter culture, sodium erythorbate, natural smoke oil, sodium nitrate, natural flavoring in an artificial casing. Peel before eating. 

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