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Halva Pistachio, Sugar Free, for Diabetics (Koska) 350g - Parthenon Foods

Halva Pistachio, Sugar Free, for Diabetics (Koska) 350g

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Halva PISTACHIO, SUGAR-FREE, for Diabetics (Koska) - 350 g

Halva is a traditional confection that originated in the Mediterranean and Middle East. It is made with tahini (sesame paste), sugar and spices. Halva's sweet, crumbly and fluffy texture are what make it a uniquely delicious treat. It can be kept at room temperature with little risk of spoilage. Eat halva as-is or use in specialty recipes.

Diabetic halva has been especially prepared for people suffering from diabetes mellitus. In diabetes mellitus, sugar-based products cannot be consumed because there is not a sufficient amount of insulin in the body. Therefore, naturally-sourced sweeteners are used which do not require insulin which has a sweet, sugary taste.  Halva can be stored at room temperature; however, during hot summer months, it is better kept refrigerated, as it can turn runny after several days.

Ingredients: sesame paste (57%), sweeteners (maltilol syrup, isomalt, sorbitol), polydextrose, emulsifier (mono and diglycerides), extract of Radix saponariae Albae sive L, nature identical vanillin aroma.



Product of Turkey

Halva, halvah, halawa, alva, haleweh, halava, helava, helva, halwa, halua, aluva, chalva.

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