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Deli Fresh Greek Myzithra Cheese (Dodoni), approx. (1.5-1.8 lb) - Parthenon Foods

Deli Fresh Greek Myzithra Cheese (Dodoni), approx. (1.5-1.8 lb)

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Deli Fresh Greek Myzithra Cheese (Dodoni), approx. (1.5-1.8 lb)

Myzithra is similar to ricotta cheese but a little drier. It is great for grating. A Hard cheese from ewe's and goat's milk. Salted, reduced fat.

The cheese is soft, snow-white, creamy, and moist. Since no salt is added to mizithra it has an almost sweet and milky taste. It is eaten as a dessert when served with honey or as a mezes with olives and tomatoas. Myzithra is also a table cheese, and is used in salads, pastries and in baking, notably in little cheese pies. It is considered the grating cheese par excellence of Greek cuisine, and is especially suited for sprinkling over hot pasta.

Ingredients: milk, whey. 

Produced by Dodoni S.A. Ioannina Greece.

Please note: More than one piece may be shipped to equal the weight ordered. If you are purchasing multiple quantities of the same deli fresh item, one piece of that item equaling the weight ordered may be packaged. If you do not want it packages as one piece, indicate this in the order comments section.

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