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Falafel, All Vegetable Patties, 16oz (454g) - Parthenon Foods

Falafel, All Vegetable Patties, 16oz (454g)

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  • $ 5.99

Falafel, All-Vegetable Patties - 16 oz. (454g)

The ancient Egyptians developed a high protein food that was easy to prepare and wouldn't spoil as they traveled across the desert. They soaked and ground chick peas before adding parsley, onions, herbs and spices. They formed this mixture into patties that were convenient, nutritious, and tasted great.

Jerusalem Falafil was voted the best falafil in an independent taste test and was praised for its fresh taste and good balance of spices. It is prepared with pride using Old World recipes and only the finest ingredients. Serve on pita bread with lettuce and tomato topped with tahini, or as an appetizer with tahini sauce on the side. 

Ingredients: garbanzo beans, onions, parsley, water, garlic, peppers, spices, sesame seeds and sea salt.


Wheat free

Gluten free

All natural

Great for stuffing

felafel, falafil

Product of USA

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