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Petite Scungilli, Sliced Small Conch (LaMonica) 184 g (6.5 oz) - Parthenon Foods

Petite Scungilli, Sliced Small Conch (LaMonica) 184 g (6.5 oz)

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Scungilli - Sliced Conch - 184g (6.5 oz.)

LaMonica Petite Scungilli is similar to our Original Scungilli, as it shares a similar mild flavor and texture. The differences you may notice are the natural color and spots inherent to the meat of the Petite Scungilli. This product can be enjoyed in the same recipes as our Original Scungilli.

Scungilli is a large, spiral-shelled mollusk. Pre-cooked and ready to eat from the can, simply rinse the the mollusk before using. The conch can be eaten heated or cold depending on the recipe. They are a perfect compliment to pasta, are great in salads or simmered in sauce. They are also delicious fried when finely chopped with light batter.

Ingredients: conch (scungilli), water, salt, sodium bisulfite (to preserve color), calcium disodium edta (to preserve color). Contains shellfish. Allergen information: this product in manufactured on equipment that processes products containing soy, wheat, fish, eggs, milk and shellfish. 

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