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Dry Pork Salami Lukanka (George's) approx. 1.0 lb - Parthenon Foods

Dry Pork Salami Lukanka (George's) approx. 1.0 lb

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Dry Pork Salami Lukanka - Karlovska (George's) - approximate weight: 1.0 lb.

Karlovska Lukanka is a ready-to-eat traditional Bulgarian sausage link made from premium quality pork meat and original spices using authentic family recipes.  The meat and spices are minced together and stuffed into a casing. After stuffing, the cylindrical salami is hung to dry for about 40 to 50 days in a well-ventilated location. In the process of drying, the salami is pressed to acquire its typical flat form. Lukanka is usually finely sliced and served cold as an appetizer or starter.

Ingredients: pork, salt, spices, sugar, sodium nitrite, lactic acid culture, stuffed in pork and/or collagen casing. 

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