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Sarajka Kafa, Ground Sarajevo Coffee, 1 lb (454g) - Parthenon Foods

Sarajka Kafa, Ground Sarajevo Coffee, 1 lb (454g)

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Sarajka Kafa, Ground Sarajevo Coffee, 1 lb. (454g)

Established in 1902 in Sarajevo, Klas is the premier coffee company in Bosnia and Herzegovina that produces finely ground Turkish-style Sarajevo coffee. This is a blend of roasted and ground coffee. 

Made in Bosnia and Herzegovina

How to prepare Turkish-style Sarajevo coffee:

Heat a demitasse cup of water per serving in a coffee pot. Approximately 2 oz. water per serving is suggested. Bring water to a full boil. Remove coffee pot from the heat source. To the water, add one full teaspoon each of ground coffee and granulated sugar per serving. Stir to combine. Return to heat source. Slowly bring the coffee to a gentle boil. Remove from heat to cool slightly. Repeat for a second and third time. After the third boil, remove from heat. Allow the ground to settle briefly, then serve into cups. 

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