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Smoked Herring Fillets (Appel) 6.7 oz (190g) - Parthenon Foods

Smoked Herring Fillets (Appel) 6.7 oz (190g)

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Smoked Herring Fillets (Appel) 6.7 oz. (190g)

A kipper is a small, oily herring that has been split from head to tail, gutted, salted, and smoked. Packed in oil with their own juice, kipper fillets are the best one can find in a can. The flesh is firm, the flavor  robust, smokey and delicious! Packed in handy tins, this carefully selected fish, combined with a robust, smokey taste, make the perfect snack on the go.

Ingredients: herring fillets, canola oil, salt, smoke. Contains herring. Processed in a facility that also processes wheat, milk, soy, shrimp and eggs. 

Product of Germany

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