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Dried Apricot Paste (Baraka) 400g - Parthenon Foods

Dried Apricot Paste (Baraka) 400g

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Dried Apricot Paste (Baraka) - 400 g

Dried apricot paste is most often made into a drink by adding it to boiling water, or it is used to make apricot pudding. It is popular during Ramadan. It can also be used as a compote with pork dishes, as a glaze for ham, or as a filling for cakes, pastries and cookies, and even on a cheese platter to serve with brie or cream cheese. Dry Apricot Kamardeen

Also known as shallati, amerdeen. qamar el-deen.

Ingredients: apricots, sugar, corn syrup, olive oil.

Brand in stock may vary.

Product of Lebanon

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